Three factors are influencing the healing process.

The Unconditional Love of Creation, you, with your strong intention to receive it, and me with my devotion, my over 25 years’ experience, and my faith in the healing process. The ignorance of our true nature is characteristic of the human race. We ignore our connection to the Source of Life and the breadth of human potential. We identify with our own dramas, limit ourselves, and refrain from the right to well-being. The more veils of ignorance and pain we unleash, the more our inner Beauty is visible.

My task is to see through my connection to the Source of Life the root cause of the problems you are experiencing; to release all of their imprints from the present life, the ancestral line, and the Akashic Records. And, in the most appropriate way for you, to help you understand on a conscious level, the reason why you are limiting yourself, and how you will gain beneficial changes in your life.

Through my connection to The Unconditional Love of Creation, I have access, and I read the Akashic Records, in other words, your Soul Map, where all the experiences of past incarnations – such as traumas, blockages, limitations, as well as virtues and lessons about the soul – are recorded. The hereditary factor, at least seven generations of ancestors, is also recorded here, with all the drama and debt transmitted through DNA. The healing is happening without re-experiencing the pain; instead, you feel relief, clarity, joy, and freedom.

Issues we work on

  • Soul Map Reading.
  • Reading and cleaning Akashic Records.
  • Recognition and transgression of parental patterns, release of traumas, and debts that are affecting the entire ancestral line.
  • Releasing from restrictive beliefs and coding of new supportive ones.
  • Removing the barriers that block your emotions, abundance, success, health, and affect all areas of life.
  • Retrieving soul fragments that were bound by people or situations over space-time continuum.
  • Cellular Memory Healing.
  • Intrauterine Life Healing.
  • Inner child healing.
  • Disengaging from Restrictive Soul Contracts.
  • Release from morbid karmic relationships.
  • Release from chronic fears, insomnia, panic attacks.
  • Reconnect with all aspects of self.
  • Balancing and aligning your field.
  • Reconnect with the Life Force within you.
  • Priorities guidance, and how to create your chosen reality.
  • Connect with Your Higher Self, Your Guides, and Guardian Angels.
  • Discovering the purpose of your life and the lessons you came to complete.

This holistic healing also offers

  • Bach Flowers Remedies,
  • Ayurvedic advices,
  • and, if needed, personalized Yoga, pranayama, meditation, energy psychology program.

Beneficial, visible results in all areas of your life.
Sessions are never the same; they are always tailored to your needs and the way you can receive, comprehend, and use effectively the energy of the Unconditional Love that heals you.
The healing session can happen remotely, by telephone, or online.
The sessions are available for couples, families, and work-partners.
We also provide deep energy cleaning to lands, residences// home and animals.// The Energy Deep Cleansing Sessions are applied to specific spaces, houses, and animals.


Other provided sessions

  • Energy Psychology
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Theta healing
  • Violet flame
  • Reconnection
  • Ε.F.T.
  • Spiritual Response Therapy

Note: Energy healings do not replace traditional medicine.