27 years devotion to healing


Dance therapy, drama therapy, and play therapy seminars.


Family Constellations, Gestalt, Cognitive Psychology Seminars.


Conducting seminars, presentations, and lectures at Yoga conferences, open days, and alternative festivals.


Τime Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy.


Theta Healing Instructor, Trauma release.


Munay Ki, Aura reading.


Kriya Yoga.


Teaching in yoga studios.


Reconnection, Contemporary Dance.


Reiki Master, Violet Flame Facilitator.


Cooperation with psychiatric clinic, teaching Yoga and relaxation techniques in chronic psychotic patient and addicted patient groups.




Energy Psychology.


Hatha Υoga, Raja Yoga, member of the International Yoga Teachers Association-IYTA.


Years of traveling, living in Morocco and India.


The miracle of motherhood.


Classical ballet.


The first breath.

I began to express myself when I was six years old, thanks to music-kinetic education and classical ballet. My yoga journey started in my teens in my family environment, and since then, yoga has become a valuable self-knowledge guide. My path to healing was determined very early, through years of collaboration with a private psychiatric clinic. I worked with chronic psychotic patient and addicted patient groups, teaching Yoga and relaxation techniques. This is where my two main tendencies flourished: the psychology and energy healing of the human field.

With the innate ability to feel people’s emotions and read the aura, I studied rigorously energy therapies and, I focus on my own evolution. My connection to the Source of Life became permanent, crystal clear, and transformed these abilities into healing skills. I have the blessing to observe the Source as it brings change and healing in the field of the receiving person.

My studies are still ongoing in both these fields and cover a wide range of knowledge, so that I can contribute to the well-being of the fellow human beings in a meaningful and holistic way. I have worked with senior age groups, business executives, teenagers, families, couples, gaining vast knowledge, empathy, understanding and love for humans. I have extensively studied the nature of traumas, their effects on one’s behavior, and their release in a safe way. I have personally experienced and systematically studied psychoanalysis and psychology schools, such as Family Constellation, Gestalt, and Cognitive Psychology. I have attended seminars in play therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy, and occupational therapy.

I gained valuable personal experiences. I traveled for many years and lived in Morocco and India. I experienced the miracle of life, the birth of my daughter, who brought me fullness and inspiration. I succeeded in overcoming significant personal challenges, having excellent teachers and wonderful students.

My teaching and healing way, in connection with the Unconditional Love of Creation, transfer my experience and faith. There is Beauty within us! Today, with 25 years of devotion to spiritual teaching and energy healing, I work with sacred enthusiasm and consistency to awaken the Highest Human Potential through private sessions, workshops, and retreats, where I impart with immediacy, humor, and love the Gifts of the Life Source. I always remain a student and feel immense respect and gratitude for the Path and the permission I was given to share it with you.

Education and training