Every one of us holds a magnifying glass to life.
Everyone comes with their magnifying glass on the sessions.
It magnifies the ego, and, depending on which hand he is using, the sizes appear different.

When the hand of superiority is holding the magnifying glass, we feel that we are better than others, with more rights and usually less obligations.
We act then with arrogance, ignorance, cruelty, power, criticism, devaluation of others, even fanaticism.
This point of view is responsible for the relationships we create as abusers, and for the discrimination we make between us and others who do not share our beliefs; we consider them as infidels, as foreigners.
When the hand of inferiority is holding the magnifying glass, we feel flawed, problematic, inadequate.
We are deprived of our free will and our strength.
In this case, we act with ignorance, deficiency, failure, misery, jealousy, complaint, frustration, injustice, resentment.
From this victim’s point of view, there is no creation, no progress, no self-worth, no joy.
We forego our character strengths and remain spectators of life.
It is fascinating that, depending on the hand that holds the magnifying glass, we – our ego – alternatively experience situations of superiority and inferiority, alternating our roles as victim-abusers, as if we have a mist before our eyes.
Through this magnifying glass, the magnitude of Unconditional Love, the only true dimension that exists, disappears.
Unconditional Love created all creatures equally.