“The artists would be glad with your reaction; they achieved their goal, to make you aware, to activate you.
So my daughter, the love of my life said to me, herself also an artist, after us visiting a significant international exhibition that is taking place in Athens.
The energy that went through my eyes to my soul was full of fear, frustration, captivity.
The artworks communicated in a raw and violent way, situations and problems of modern life such as the relationship between humans and technology, artificial intelligence, the unhealthy sexuality, the pollution of our planet, profiteering etc. In other words all the troubling issues of modern day society.
“I need a proposal, a proposal for change, hope, and strength; I know what the reality is, I experience it each day”, I said to my daughter.
I want art to illuminate, to inspire, I want my energy footprint to be brilliant, that is what I ask of those around me, let alone artists who have so much access to the public. We owe it to ourselves and the planet.
The dark coming out of us affects the entire collective unconscious. When I create beauty for me, I create it for everyone.
Moreover, an exhibition like this, in a country like today’s Greece, where the experiment of subjugation is happening as we speak, to me serves this system rather than denouncing it!
Light! More light!
Let’s support and inspire each other!
Because only Love remains.
And this can be communicated in so many ways….